Islington Mill Art Academy is a free self-organised art school. It was set up in 2007 by a group of art foundation students, dissatisfied with the quality and standards in University fine art courses open to them at that time.

The Academy exists to experiment with what an education in art can be, where it can take place and how it can be paid for. It is open to anyone who would like to be an artist and who is interested in taking responsibility for, and direction of the way in which they intend to do this. The artists in the group take all of the decisions related to their personal learning process and put these decisions into practice themselves.

The group invites visiting artists to talk about their work and to give feedback on the work of artists from the Academy on a regular basis. Academy artists organise residencies and research trips to other parts of the UK and abroad for all members of the group. In 2008, we visited Glasgow, Bristol and Sheffield and held residencies in Berlin and the Lake District.

Please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

Islington Mill Art Academy

2nd Floor

Islington Mill

James St.


M3 5HW

+44 (0) 7917714369 || deaddigital(at)islingtonmill(dot)com


  1. 1Amy Pennington

  2. 2Andrew Beswick

  3. 3Kate Armitage

  4. 4Laura Skilbeck

  5. 5Louie Lister

  6. 6Lowri Evans

  7. 7Maria Dada

  8. 8Maurice Carlin

  9. 9Michael Cullen

  10. 10Michael Wilson

  11. 11Thomas Fitzpatrick

  12. 12Thomas Keeler


  1. 1Transmission Gallery

  2. 2Anni Rossi

  3. 3Comfortable on a Tightrope

  4. 4Contemporary Arts as Dialogue - Sheffield

  5. 5Drawing Workshop - Berlin

  6. 6Discussion Forum

  7. 7Islington Mill

  8. 8Rachel Goodyear

  9. 9Kerry Morrison

  10. 10Ingo Gerken

  11. 11Helmut Lemke

  12. 12Aye-Aye Books


The experimental drawing class/Berlin Project was to make a film in four days. The only precondition was that a venue was first found to premier the new film, once this was confirmed

the project would begin. The group were divided into three sections, a morning sequence and afternoon sequence and a night time sequence. This gave the groups different and difficult conditions to work with. They were also given instructions that gave each group, an action to begin and end their section with, a noise, a book, a door. The films were researched story boarded in one day, filmed on the second day, editied on the third and forth day and shown at the club West Germany. The film was also shown a few weeks later in London at the ICA.